Putting Songs In CLIP In a Preselected Order

I have been trying to put songs in the CLIP in a particular order. EG: this song number one, this song number two, etc. No matter what I try these seem to play in a random order. I added a numbering system to the the songs like 01, 02, 03, etc. and they still randomized. I also have shuffle turned off. Help!

The Clip oraganizes by ID3 tags, and so you would need to alter your tags to do this.  Right click on the song, Properties, MP3 info.

You can use a playlist. It will keep the order in the playlist file.

But of course.  ;)  And that’s what playlists really are for.   Better than altering your tags (unless you want this to be a pretty-much permanent thing, such as inserting a previously-unissued song for a CD where it would fit in the CD).