I can't order my playlist on my clip+

I love my new sansa clip+, small, practical and very good sound. I use it for my footing in association with a Koss Sportapro. But, i have just a little problem. When i copy my songs in the MUSIK repository from my PC to my Clip+, i class my music in my preference choice. And when i listen my music on my clip+ all the songs are in a random order. And i can’t impose my order ! If someone can help me. Nota: Random fonction is desactivated (sorry for my bad english, i am french).

Could this be it:

When you play your music using the Clip+'s database (the album, artist, titles listings), the player uses the song’s ID3 tags to show and organize the music.  Are your ID3 tags filled in, and correctly?

Hy, thank’s you for your response. I am confuse, but i have found a solution. The fisrt time i used my clip+, i used the menu “read all”, and then all the songs are read in a specific order imposed by the clip+. But, when i used the “reader list” i can control and organize the order of the songs.

I used this list this morning and it’s ok. Thank’s you again for your help