songs in order in folders

how can i make the songs in some order into folders and after it to here them on the mp3 in the same order?

what is the folder named “audio files”?



The only real way to do what you are asking is to use a playlist. The Clip reads Id3tags that are embedded in the song files and then on the player they are sorted alphabetically. If you make a playlist with the order you want and then add that to the player, you can listen to that and they will be in the order you want.

A couple of further thoughts:

–  If your ID3 tags for your music reflect the order in your folders, no need to use playlists; just play the music.  This works, for example, where each folder is a separate CD of music and the ID3 tags reflect that and the order of the music.

–  Eliasf, a board contributor, has nicely developed a software program that automatically creates playlists for the folders on your Clip.  Here’s a link to it.  It may be what you need without having to mess, more, with ID3 tags.