Is there any way for the clip to recognize folders?

I have a lot of mp3s that I dont have full albums of, so i never filled in the ID3 tags as not to clutter the albums list and make it harder to find the few full albums that i did have. I tried arranging folders to seperate some songs, for example, a folder with new songs, that would probably be changed a lot, and a folder with classic songs, that will probably always be on my clip.

All ive seen so far, is that while going through the unknown album list, each group of songs from a folder stays in its order (all the songs from the first folder, followed by all the songs in the 2nd folder, and so on)… in one really long list…

is there anything i can do now to make sorting easier, or would this possibly be addressed in a firmware update?

the clip only organizes music by ID3 tags. if this information is missing it will organize alpha numerically. Unfortunately there is not folder browsing on any sansa device.

The previous response is correct, the Sansa couldn’t care less about folders. However, we do if we use MSC mode for manual (drag and drop) setup and maintenance. I create one level of folders under audible (or music) with meaningful names. I then use mp3tag to tag all the files in that directory with the album name that will show when you use the device - it makes sense to keep folder and album names the same.

In addition, to set the play order, number the tracks (I use leading zero, ie 01,02,etc, not sure if you need the leading zero). Then set the tag filename which can be set to be same as windows filename. All of this and more can be done for all the files in the folder automatically, so it’s not too painful and mp3 tag is fairly straighforward. There is other tag info you can fill in such as artist, genre etc. Your choice.

One could dump all the files in one directory, Sansa wouldn’t care as long as tags are set but that makes it tough for the user to keep track of everything.

For people using MTP mode, suitable software and music purchased or ripped from purchased cd, all of this is taken care of and one shouldn’t even concern themselves with folders.

Dave Cohen

Coupla’ workarounds exist: eliasf here in the Sansa Clip board and S3T at the Clip forum each developed a software program that will create (through your computer) a playlist for each of your Clip folders.  You then play that playlist, just as if choosing a folder to play.  Eliasf’s program gives you more variables/choices; S3T’s is simpler in form.  Here are the links.