not where i put them

i just got an 8gb clip and put some music on it. I went into albums and created new folders for type of music ( rock dance etc ) but when i use it the music is in unknown all together. when i plug it into my laptop the music is still where i put it.

how do i create albums and keep the music where i want it


Sansa players don’t care about folders. All that matters are the ID3 tags. You need a program like MP3Tag to fill in the missing information in the tags.

The Clip (or any Sansa player for that matter) will not display by folder or file name. It displays information located in the ID3 tag embedded in the .mp3 file itself. So while you can arrange or catagorize your music in whatever folder/file hierarchy you want that makes sense to you, you must also make sure the ID3 tags have the correct info in them or they won’t display correctly on your player.

The FAQ on ID3 tags explains it in more detail and also how to edit them. :smiley: