Newbie question about folders...

Hi, I’m a newbie here…and since I just purchased a Sansa Clip Jam, and used to own 4 consecutive sansa clips (the old one with the circular selector on the front), I have noted the same old problem with the  clip Jam sometimes dropping subfolders I create in Windows.  Like, I’ll have a load of music in a folder, and then drag and drop to the clip.  But when i detach the clip from the computer, there’s no folder, just a long list of the songs or items that were in the folder on my computer…it essentially disappears when on the clip for listening.
This produces a problem in the Clip Jam, since, say, with a large archive of songs (it’s now 8 gig instead of the old 2), you’ve got to scroll and scroll to get to what you want, and it all goes by pretty fast.
I used to try making subfolders to copy over to the clip with the contents in the subfolder (i.e. an artist name in the main folder, and the subfolder titled with the album of theirs and its contents).  Sometimes that works.  Sometimes not.
I’m currently using Win10 Pro.
Is there something i can do to ensure that I get an orderly set of items on my clip?  (titled folders with titled subfolders, etc.)
Any help apprecitated.

The player reads the tags in the music file’s header (before the actual music.) Try editing the song(s) with a program like Mp3tag. Most every device creates a database of the songs so when you get a list of albums it goes to the DB and displays “album” results, same with artist, song, genre.

I have all my music arranged by folders and I’ve found it doesn’t help most of the time with the actual players. It only helps me keep track.

When I write “player” I mean software, which is on hardware. Like you can have a bunch of different music playing software on your computer. Part of what I’m getting at is most players read the tags in different ways and you almost need to customize tags for different players. Like “artist” may be used by one and “album artist” by another. Another thing is the emphasis different players use. On one of my phones I had something like a 'greatest hits of the '90salbum with thirty songs by different artists. Most of the songs were the only ones I had by that artist. When I would open up the player on the phone it said I had 30 albums calledgreatest hits of the 90s` and each “album” had one song. It didn’t get the idea of more than one artist on one album. With Mp3tag I was able to dumb it down for the player.

This guy has really out done himself with this software. To give you an idea of what you can change in a song, right click a song and choose properties. When the properties sheet opens choose the Details tab. You can even edit the tags right there but it’s pretty tedious after a few minutes.