Clip doesn't use folder structure from Windows for artist/album/song

I have an issue with how the clip+ apparently does NOT take the artist, album, or song title information from the folder name or file name as it was transfered to the clip (from Windows Explorer-Win7), but instead uses the mp3 file’s internal attributes for artist/album/song. Can this behavior be changed? Firstly, I do not use Media player or any other tool/player to make playlists. I simply store my songs in a folder structure such that the top level is a folder with artist name, then underneath that is a folder named for the album, then that folder contains that album’s songs. But when I transfer the artist’s folder like this to the clip, it does NOT retain the folder structure, but rather it takes the artist/album/song information from the attributes within the file itself (right-click, properties, detail) in order to display the artist/album/song in the proper hierarchy and sequence on the clip. This might be OK, except many of my mp3 files have the artist/album/song info MISSING from the mp3 file! So when it gets transfered to the clip artist is “Unknown” and album is “Unknown”, even though the FOLDERS I transfered had the artist name and album name. Does anyone know if there’s a way for the clip to get artist/album names from the folder names? I tried changing the USB mode from ‘auto detect’ to MSC with same result. If there’s not a way then my only other solution is to find some shareware program which will modify the artist/album attributes. Is there another solution I’m not thinking of?

Yep, that’s how the Clip does it: as a general matter, it uses the ID3 tags in files to navigate by, and to show what’s playing on the screen.

Having said that:

–  If you have the Clip+, at the bottom of the Music listing, there is an option entitled “Folders” which allows you to navigate on your Clip+ just like on your computer.  That may be all you need.

–  You can edit the ID3 tags on your Clip, via your computer, fairly easily–MP3Tag, Internet freeware, often is recommended by people for this, given its ease-of-use.  You might want to check it out, as ID3 tags have become the norm (whether we like it or not!). 

–  For files on your Clip stored in the in Audiobooks or Podcasts folder but without ID3 tags, or elsewhere on the Clip but with the genre ID3 tag field set to Podcast or Audiobook, the Clip will use the file and folder names to display, on the Clip’s screen.

I hope this helps; if you have any other question, just let us know–

gtmtb wrote:

many of my mp3 files have the artist/album/song info MISSING from the mp3 file! So when it gets transfered to the clip artist is “Unknown” and album is “Unknown”, even though the FOLDERS I transfered had the artist name and album name.

MP3Tag is an excellent program to fill in the missing info.  You can get it here.

It makes short work of filling in the album and artist fields/tags in one shot for each album.  With MP3tag, you just open the folder that holds the songs from an album, select all, and in the left pane, fill in the missing artist and album name and click “save”. 

If you do use MP3Tag, you should save all your files as ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Just go into Tools/Options/Tags/Mpegs and set Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.  As you highlight and save your files, it’ll rewrite the tag to this version which works best on sansa players.

Thanks for the help! Either of both options should do the trick nicely.

I have just bought a SanDisk Clip. It does not seem to be a ‘+’, because it does not have a folder option for music navigation.

I like the player, but this is a total disaster for me. I have 8 gigs of music on the player, and no way of navigating it. Puting in the tags for this lot is not practicable, and in any event it is not how I want to spend my life. I would prefer to trash the player, which I suspect may well be the outcome.

Can you please understand that folder navigation is a must have for many of your users.

It is all very well saying that ID3 tags are the norm, but that does not mean to say that you have to remove other options.

  1. Please don’t dredge up 4 year-old threads and add to them; better to start a new one instead. :wink:

  2. The original Clip with the round scroll wheel (shown below) is quite old now (around 7 years) and never had Folder navigation on it.

The newer Clip+, Zip & Sport DO have Folder navigation.

8GB Black

If Folder navigation is important to you, I suggest getting one of the newer models. Note however, that the Sport is a limited-feature player and many find the Plus or Zip model more to their liking and expectations.

If your unit has a microSD slot it is not the original Sansa Clip.

If it is the original 8G Sansa Clip–just 8G of memory, no microSD–you can get the folder navigation you want with the alternative firmware Rockbox. Just follow its directions when installing.