Sansa Clip Album problem.

Alot of my music folders on my PC are of various tracks. When I transfer them to my Sansa Clip they do not stay in the folders I had them in. Instead they separate themselves into their own album folder. So let’s say that I have 10 songs in a folder by 5 different artists from different albums, they separate themselves into 5 folders. Is there anyway how I can just upload my music folders and play them exactly how I like, being in that folder I chose?

Thanks in advance. 

If you have the clip+ (something you neglect to tell us), you can navigate by window folder view. Otherwise, the clip uses the imbedded tag data. You can inspect and edit this with something like mp3tag, a free utility.

And another possibility (although fixing your ID3 tags is the best, in my opinion):  a contributor here, eliasf, developed a super program that you run against the files on your Clip, and it makes a playlist for each of the folders on your Clip.  And so, then, to play the songs in one of your folders, you play the playlist instead.

A nice stop-gap solution, if your ID3 tags aren’t quite there.

Here 'tis–enjoy! 

By the way, there is another playlist generator here in the forum somewhere (or possibly 2 others)–you could try a search on the those words.  But eliasf was the first with this solution–many thanks to him!

Also, there is a simpler (I believe) playlist generator at the website, in the Clip forum there.  Here’s a link to it as well.  (Be sure to read the thread, there, for the requirements for the program to run.) 

I have just a Sansa Clip, otherwise I would of put a + in the title of this thread :).

Thank you for that contribution, I will give this a bash when I get home.

Thanks a million.