File folders

I am loading mp3 music files from my pc onto the ‘album’ folder of a clip+ using drag & drop.  No problem with commercial CDs, all tracks appear under the original album title.  All other tracks, such as those converted from audio cassettes, are in named folders on the pc but appear lumped together under “unknown” album on the Sansa.  Is there any way to retain these in groups under the proper album titles when transferred?

If you go down to the Folders option under Music, you likely will find your music in their original folders.

But in the other options under Music (album, artist, title, etc.), the Clip+ uses the ID3 tag info. stored in each file, which provides the identifying info. for the file.  It is likely that your files don’t have the ID3 tags filled in, or the info. is incorrect. You can add/edit the ID3 tags for the files using a tag editor such as MP3Tag (free Internet software).

Many thanks.  I modified the ID3 tags info. through Windows explorer on the pc, without any other software, and everything now works well.


Update.  Now downloaded and used the free software, MP3tag, as recommended by Miikerman.  Much quicker and easier than using Windows explorer. Gets better all the time!