sansa clip 8gb-- loading music and audio books diffuculties

Hi Guys,

I am running win 7 - build7100 and am having problems loading the clip up !!!

If I drag an audio book across for instance, when I open it up on the clip, its not in a folder, but shown in lots of disks rather than a folder, so as when I have 3 books on there, there all listed as disks, not individual audiobook folders.

When I drag mp3 music albums across to the music folder, it shows as individual albums, but when I disconnect my clip and look in the music folder, they are listed as continuous tracks and not albums and also I cannot access some of the albums. When I plug back into the pc and look through my computer, there all there.

What am I wrong ???

and my shuffle IS turned off !!!

any help and advice appreciated  ---- thanks

The Clip organizes by the files’ ID3 tags, rather than folder and fil names.  Are your files’ ID3 tags filled in, and correctly?

The Clip organizes by the files’ ID3 tags, rather than folder and file names.  Are your files’ ID3 tags filled in, and correctly?  

Thanks for the quick reply Milkerman, could you explain the ID3 thing in a more user friendly way please, you got me on that one , Im a noob, sorry

cheers mate

Most modern audio file formats allow all kinds of meta information to be present, including album, artist and track number. For MP3, they are stored in so-called ID3 tags. Normally the CD ripping software should obtain the required information automatically from some CDDB/FreeDB location on the net (in some cases you need to set this up explicitly, and it seems this is one of them). There also is special tagging software around (e.g. MP3Tag) which may allow you to tag things afterwards and tends to be useful in keeping things consistent in larger music collections.

The Clip only goes by metadata, which is read out every time the file system has been changed and then kept in an internal database.

Exacty, as keyb_gr states.

ID3 tags:  You also can do a search using the search box at the upper left–lots of information here in past posts.


As a general matter, the Clip (like an iPod) displays music, audiobook and podcast file information based on the files’ ID3 tags.  ID3 tags are data in the music, podcast or audiobook files that provide information about the file, often the file’s title, album/book name, author, year, and genre.  Audiobooks and music files you buy often have the ID3 tags information already there and filled in; other times, and when you rip the computer files yourself from a CD, you need to add the information into the computer files yourself–it is a simple fill-in-the-blank process.  CD “rippers” often will connect up to Internet databases and add the information in for you, as part of the ripping process; you also can add the information using a tag “editor” such as MP3Tag and The Godfather (both freeware available on the Internet) or use Windows to do so (right click on the file, choose Properties, and then go to the Details tab on Vista or choose Advanced on XP).

The Clip makes it one step easier for audiobook and podcast files:  if files or folders of files are placed in the Clip’s Audiobooks or Podcasts folders, or if the genre ID3 tags for a file is either Audiobook or Podcast, and if the file’s ID3 tags are not otherwise filled in, the Clip will use the file’s file and folder names for organization and display purposes.

And so your choices are:  fill in/correct your files’ ID3 tags using a tag editor or Windows, or put the files in the Clip’s Audiobooks or Podcasts folders and have the Clip use the files’ file and folder names.

Hopes this makes it a bit clearer–

a massive thanks for the tutorial, I think that will help me sort my ID3 tag issues from now one

a very helpfull forum here, good job guys and cheers