Audiobooks Limit

I find that I am limited to the number of audiobooks I can place in my Clip folder. They transfer across and appear in Windows Explorer but not on the Clip. Any ideas  (Yes, there is a good reason why I need to store that many).

Many thanks


Bad or missing ID3 tags?

Then they should show up as ‘unknown folder’ on the music menu, assuming they are .mp3 files.

Just curious, how many books?

I second the ID3 tag question, maybe not *missing* but how about *bad*?  Are you only looking under Music->Audiobooks menu? Perhaps some are showing under the “Music” menu, not “Audiobooks”?

Another idea, are you sure the ID3 tags aren’t causing multiple books to be grouped into the *same* book as displayed on the Clip?  Maybe if you count the number of tracks in each book, you’ll find a descrepancy between what shows on the Clip and Explorer?

Thanks for all the help. Learning to work the tags!!!

If you need to add/edit the tags, highly recommended for ease of use:  Internet freeware MP3Tag.