Missing audiobook folders

I have seen a few comments on this forum regarding this issue, but no clear answers.

When I load audiobooks (organized into folders) MOST but not all of the folders are listed in the Audiobook section.  All of the folders appear in the Folder menu.  However, I want to use the adjustable speed for playback, which is only available when you use the audiobook menu.

I am not exceeding the 2000 file limit and the folders that are “missing” are random.  If I delete them all and re-install them, a completely different group of folders will be “missing.”

Any ideas?

  1. You usaually have to manually transfer the files from the Music folder to the Audiobooks folder.

  2. You may have to edit the ID3 tags (of the files) and change the Genre field to Audiobook.

Thanks for your reply, Tapeworm.

  1.  The files have been manually (drag and drop) transferred to the Audiobooks folder.  When plugged into a PC, they appear regularly in the Audiobook folder.  Some are missing from the Audiobook menu when you turn the player on.  

  2.  The files are universally tagged, as in they are all the same.  2 digit folder, 2 digit file, with “0” placeholders.  As in: 01-01, 01-02, etc.  

I’ll look into the genre name thing . . . but, again, all the files are id tagged exatly the same.  Why would some of them randomly not appear under the Audiobook menu?

By any chance, are you close to the file limit?   The file limit can be affected, as I understand it and recall, by other factors, such as name lengths, non-simple file hierarchies, and “extra” ID3 tags.  A definite case where, simple is better.  I likewise have had the Clip player not reflecting everything transferred to it, and randomly, which I have taken as due to the above factors.

I don’t think I’m near the file limit.  I noticed the problem with about 600 audiobook files (+ music).  I removed the music and tried again and the problem was still there.

Also, my ID tags are pretty clean.  Only title, track, artist and album.  None of the other garbage is filled out.

The number of files seems to be a factor though.  It doesn’t happen if I load a single audiobook in it, just with several audiobooks. 

Perhaps the number of FOLDERS is the issue.  If I load 20 or 30 folders, I’m always missing a few in the last group I add.  Maybe there is a cap on the number of folders allowed in the Audiobook menu?

Either way, it’s strange.  I’ve been using audiobooks on Sansa players for a long time (through the old E players, the Clip, the Fuze, the Fuze+ and the Clip Zip).  I’ve never encountered this problem before.

I assume that at least part of the issue is, the Clip Sport.  The Sport is a break with the Clip line, using a different (and less powerful) microprocessor which introduced, sadly, issues and limitations.    :frowning: