Sorry... Another folder issue!

Hi; I am a new user. My 2 GB Clip does not list some of the albums I ripped from my CD’s. 

I ripped them while I was on the Net. I used CDDB to tag them. I dragged these albums onto the player. The windows explorer shows these albums (folders) exist on the player.

After scrolling the album or artist list on the player, some albums are not there. They are under “Unknown”.

This is annoying. What is the best way to rip cd’s so that Clip shows everything I drag? I wish Clip would show folders. 

What software are you using for ripping/tagging? One thing is where do you get the information from (in this case CDDB), but most important is how you actually tag the files. You (your software, actually) may be using id3 v2.4 (which is not supported by the Clip, you have to use v2.3) or an incompatible encoding (the most recommended seems to be ISO-8859-1).

Porio; Thank you kindly for quick response. Well, I have been using itunes (ripping songs as mp3 files), Yahoo jukebox. I was under the assumption that Compact Disc Data Base web site would take care of tag issue. I did not realize some players would use different tags.

I ripped hundreds of my own CD’s this way, and saved them on my external drive. A lot of people here on this forum are suggesting mp3tag software. I downloaded, and haven’t started using yet.

If I use Windows Media Player to rip songs with the help of CDDB, will this add correct tags to mp3 files?

I downloaded the Clip user guide. Unfortunately, it does not tell you the best way to convert songs from Wav files to mp3 files. In my opinion, not just Sansa but all these manufacturers should provide a very detailed user guide on their web site. So, we can learn every detail instead of bombarding these forums with simple questions.

I will appreciate any answer here. I was having the same problems with my 1 GB Sansa Express.

Good day from Central Kentucky. 

Just a parenthetical:  I think that the reason the manfs. tend not to discuss how to rip or convert music is the concern that they could be seen as advocating copyright infringement.  Combine that with the fact that the information is readily available in Internet guides and software and otherwise (including the forum here), they just keep mum on the topic. 

Just a parenthetical:  I think that one of the reasons the manfs. tend not to discuss how to rip or convert music is the concern that they could be seen as advocating copyright infringement.  Combine that with the fact that the information is readily available in Internet guides and software and otherwise (including the forum here), they just keep mum on the topic. 


I use CDex (Internet freeware) to rip my music and it works fine with the Clip.  I highly recommend it as a ripper, as it gives you a great deal of control over the quality of the rip; although you have more variables to set inititally and it takes a bit of time to set up as a result (use the Help screens as the manual), after that it’s a piece of cake.  As far as I am aware from discussion here, WMP works fine as well.  It’s not a question of what tag information is filled in, it’s the format/encoding that is used for the information.


Miikerman; thanks for replying to my request. I deleted all the mp3 files from my Clip. I launched Window media Player 11.

I created several Playlists. I moved all the files not recognized as albums by Clip into one Playlist. I syncronised media player with clip. yep, everything worked smoothly.

Now, I am able to scroll after starting the Clip. I choose Playlist, then pick the playlist( album, artist, etc). it is working perfect.

I’ll stop using drag and drop method. With WMP, I have a total control.

Thanks, guys. 

Glad it’s working for you.  Funny–I like drag and drop because it makes me feel like I’m in charge–not so with WMP.   :slight_smile:

Obviously, it’s a matter of taste… and of having some time to try different methods/configurations. I don’t like making playlists for albums: is completely unnecessary when the tracks are properly tagged. I do like playlists, however, for making my own compilations based on tracks that are already on the clip and/or belong to different albums.

Sorry for not answering before, but yes, WMP should do the tagging in the right way. But I don’t like it as a ripper… that is a step where I do want to have control. Moreover, you should use the WMA codec as the MP3 encoding of WMP seems not to be of great quality. WMA is OK, but many people doesn’t like it because is closed.

For transferring music to the Clip I used to use drag and drop in MSC mode, because I liked to have control over how things were organized… but then I realized that it didn’t matter at all how I organize things when browsing is tag-based. So I switched (back) to MTP and started using WMP, realizing that: a) database refreshing is much, much faster (specially with a 4Gb Clip) an b) it’s easier when you just want drag and drop a playlist and don’t want to bother wether each song in the playlist is already transferred or not. WMP will check that for you and (hopefully) you will not have duplicated tracks.

If you want to explore other tools, give CDex and Bonkenc a try for ripping. They are freeware.

I use Eusing’s Easy CD to MP3 Converter, which has always worked well for me.


All the best,