Unseen files in artists but present in folders

Hi guys,

I have an issue with my Sansa Clip+. As stated in the title, some files aren’t found in Music > Artists but can be found on the SD card. Now the silly bit is that it is only 1 album of the same formatting as all my other music, and even one of the songs can be accessed through Music > Artists, the remaining 12 can only be accessed through Folders. How can this be. I can’t see how it can be a tag issue as they are all tagged the same, they are of the same format and there is plenty of space left on the SD card and with only about 500-600 songs the organiser in the Clip shouldn’t be overly taxed either. I could of course just listen to the album by going through the Folders, but that isn’t really the point. Any help welcome!

As long as the songs themselves are playable - that is the clip can recognize the format, if the tag information is missing the clip uses a folder called ‘unknown’. I see this for album and artist and assume it would apply to the other layouts.

If you see the file in folder view (and I assume plays from there), my guess is it will show up in an ‘unknown’ folder.

You mention 500-600 songs. Is this the number on the card itself? What is the approx. combined total in both the internal and external memory locations? If it’s anywhere near 5000, you might have hit the database limitation.

500-600 is the total, so database limitation should not be a factor. I can also find the files under unknown artist, but don’t understand how an album ripped will only preserve the tag for one song. I am going to rip the album again when i have a bit of time, but was hoping for a quicker solution (as I use ogg it takes like half an hour to rip an album).

Try using MP3Tag. If you search this forum, you’ll find instructions on how to set the tag encoding to iso 8859-1. From there, just retag everything that seems to be causing trouble. You don’t actually need to change the tags, just open the files and click save. Hopefully that will do the trick.

OGG files use a completely different tagging system from MP3’s, just as FLAC’s do, and there seems to be some discrepancies and issues with some OGG tags.

This thread may shed some light on your situation. You can also use the Search function here to ferrret more out if need be. That’s how I found this one. :wink: