album & Artist name missing

have ripped some CDs to the clip using windows media player. While the song titles came through OK the Artist and album info was not there.

I manually entered it as folder names in line with the once already on the clip but they have not come through once transfered.

Pls advise what I’'m doing wrong .

Many thanks

I’m not sure if this will explain matters, but the Clip generally uses the ID3 tags for your music, to display your files, not folder and file names (apart from for podcasts and audiocasts in those folders on the Clip, or with the podcast or audiocast genres filled in in the ID3 genre field).  And so the relevant ID3 fields for your files need to be filled in. 


thanks for the reply - how do I fill in the relevant ID3 fields for my files ??


Easiest is to use a a tag editor, such as the free MP3Tag.

You also can use Windows:  right click on the song, choose properties, and then there will be a tag listing (on Vista, it’s under the Details tab; on XP, you have to click the advanced button on one of the tabs, if I recall correctly).  You can change the tag for a group of files at one time by highlighting the files, right-clicking, and then going through the above.

Strange that WMP doesn’t populate the tags that the Clip uses.  Is this a settable option in WMP?

I rip songs from CD using MediaMonkey, and the necessary tags are filled in.

Problem Solved - Thank you folks