Missing files

I hope someone can help me i am at my wits ends with this, i loaded up an album yesterday which contains 11 tracks, the tracks are showing when the player is connected to the PC but when i remove the player some of the tracks are missing, i know nothing about mp3 tags etc, can anyone help this clueless idiot, just for the record i have also loaded the other files onto other players with no problems whatsoever, 

Missing tracks is indicative of missing ID3 tag data within the tracks.  Using Windows Media Player, you have the Advanced Tag Editor function, though this repaire the track data on teh computer side, then you must retransfer the corrected file to the Sansa.

Download and try MP3Tag, a free utility to edit the tag data.  This program allows simple corrections, as well as album art for players that have the requisite display.

The Output (write option) of MP3Tag should be set to ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1, and your files will all be tagged properly.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I have located the tag editor on WMP, so where do i go from here?

First, the tracks should not be missing, sorry neutron_bob. If files aren’t tagged they should show up in an album ‘unknown’ under the album menu. However, if you want to oganize music for easy navigation you need as a minimum to tag the album field. This will cause all music with same album name to appear under album menu item. In addition, adding track numbers will force the play order and filling in the name field will cause that name to display rather than the filename. You can use mp3tag to set the album name for all files in a directory and to number tracks sequentially. You can set other fields like artist, genre etc. if you will find these useful. If you have the clip+, you can navigate by folder/filename. Some people use media monkey rather than mp3tag. I found the latter more powerful but a little less simple to use.

As far a s i can se the files that i have since found in unknown do have the same tags in the album field etc as the ones that were contained in the proper album folders on the player. thanks for you help though i can see i am getting nowhere due to my inability.

I sometimes have found that opening those files in MP3Tag and simply resaving them, even though no changes have been made, can fix things. 

Many thanks to you all for your time on my problem, i have now sussed this out and all tracks are now visible in their correct folders, thanks once again.