Missing Details of Files

I have a v1 e200 mp3 player, and although it normally doesn’t have problems, it now for some reason won’t reconize the “details” of some songs (the artist name, ablum name, and title found in the files properties)

it used to work, but after adding a bunch of new music, i noticed that a large amount of files didn’t have proper names and were just titled as their file name and were missing the album and artist name (ex. Vampire Weekend - Campus.mp3) 

i assumed that the details just had not been added in the first place, so i went through my library, made all the corrections, and readded all the impropper files.  Now on the disk when plugged into the computer, all the details are correct, but when i look at it on my device, the details are missing once again

anyone have a solution?

Those details are part of the file called ID3 tags. They may not be in the version the Sansa likes.

Take the files off the Sansa. Unplug it and let it refresh. 

Get the free program mp3tag at http://www.mp3tag.de/en/ .

Install it, checking the box to add it to context menus as it installs.

Open it and go to Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg and set Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Those are the tags the Sansa likes. Save that, so it becomes the default.

Go to the album folder on your computer, right-click, and you’ll see mp3tag as an option to open it. Open it. 

Make sure the files are in playing order,  top to bottom–you might have to click the Track Number header–and go to Tools/Auto-Numbering Wizard/Leading Zeroes. Run that. This will give you tags that are ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 and with track numbers the Sansa prefers. It will take 3 seconds or less.

I do this with every album before sending it to the Sansa. It cleans up the tags nicely. 

Then transfer the album back on to the Sansa.

If for some reason this does not work, Un-hide Hidden files and folders (in Windows, under My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View in Windows XP, probably different in Vista or Win7), put the Sansa in MSC mode (Settings/USB Mode/MSC) and go into the System folder and delete the DATA folder. That’s the database that lists information from the ID3 tags. When you unplug it will make a new DATA folder from the files in the Sansa.