Adding MP3 files problems

I have tried to add some mp3 files by dragging and dropping in Windows Media Player and must be doing something wrong as they appear in my music folder, but won’t let me drag and drop.

I tried dragging and dropping by going into my computer and dragging to the folders listed on the Sansa device–again, nothing.

I did go into Windows Media Player and selected add to library and some of the files appeared and others didn’t even though I had them selected.

I go to Add to Library in WMP and tell it to add My Personal folders and it tells me it has added 642 files but nothing shows up in the play lists.  Where did they go?

What am I doing wrong and how am I making this more complicated than it is?

Okay, got them on the Sansa, but they are filed in the Recently Added list. Not for sure how I finally did it, but there has to be an easier way.

They are listed as numbers even though I added them to folders with names in the Playlist of Media Player.

Is there a way to create folders or name them now that they are on the Sansa?

Sansa mp3 players organize the tracks in the menus by means of ID3 tags on each track.  The directory structure you might have created when copying the files to the player is ignored completely.  What you need to do is to make sure the ID3 tags are appropriate before copying the track files to the player.

On Windows, I use Media Monkey to maintain id3 tags, although that can be done directly in Windows with the Properties dialog.  I don’t use Windows Media Player, so don’t know its tagging capabilities.

I am not very computer savvy. Is the Properties dialog in the Control Panel? How do I go about maintaining the id3 tags with the Properties dialog? Is Media Monkey a special software for maintaining the id3 tags?

Media Monkey is a competitor to Itunes, Windows Media Player, etc but more powerful for editing tags.  See for more info.  I am still using the free version.

For properties, in Windows Explorer, right click on a track, select Properties.  Go to the Summary tab and click on the Advanced button.  That shows you some of the ID3 tags associated with the file, and you can edit the tags.   You can select multiple files and edit all tags at the same time.

Thanks for the help.

Will I be able to re-name/assign the ones I have already loaded onto the sansa or best to start all over?

I’ve never tried to change the id3 tags of files on the Sansa, but I’ll guess that it is possible.  However, when I’ve had that problem, I prefer to retag the original files on the computer and then reload them to the player.  That way, if I ever need to reload the player totally, everything will be tagged the way I want it.