Music list

My music list doesn’t show all the songs that are on the device.  When I try to add a new song, Windows Media Player says it’s on the device, but it doesn’t show up on the music list.


They’re probably listed under “unknown” on the player. Sansa players don’t use filenames, rather they index your files by the data in the ID3 tags (metadata embedded in the files containing song title, artist, album, etc.). You can use a program like MP3Tag (free on the net, just do a search) to input the data yourself, then reimport the tracks to your Fuze, or programs like Windows Media Player will add the tags if you have an internet connection active while you rip the tracks from CD. Files purchased from Amazon, iTunes, etc. should also come with the tags prewritten. If you use MP3Tag, change it to write the tags in ISO 8859-1, the format most compatible with Sansa players.

Oh and if you do the mp3tag with the files on your fuze…do you have to reupload them as well??

I believe it’s more reliable to edit the tracks on the PC, then reimport them. This has the added benefit of saving you the trouble of editing the tags again if you ever have to format the player.

Ok thanks! I’ll do that then…maybe this can help me out so that my playlists load up a bit faster.

@bandabou wrote:
Oh and if you do the mp3tag with the files on your fuze…do you have to reupload them as well??

There is no problem of editing tags on the Fuze itself as long as you allow the modifications to be written to the device before disconnecting from the PC (as with any external media like pen drives etc.).

I do this occasionally if I want my audio files to be tagged differently on the Fuze, especially to sort things into more genres (aka categories) than on my PC: e.g. I modify my classical internet radio stream files to genre “Classical FM” to distinguish these lower bitrate audio files from my higher quality ripped classical CD collection.