Renaming song files - help please

Hi there,

I recently ripped a bunch of songs off of a CD that a friend made me.  Naturally, they were all named Track 1, Track 2, etc.  For ease of organization, I renamed each one to its rightful name and then added them to my Sansa Fuze 8gb.  A couple of them show up as the name that I renamed, but almost all of the others continue to show up as Track 1, etc…  On my computer, they show up as what I renamed them (including the Sansa folder in windows explorer) but they just aren’t changing for when I’m looking at my Sansa Fuze.

Anybody know how I can get around this?


Right click the file and select properties. Then, you click on summary, and you should see Title. You can rename it there.

Hope I helped.

Unless you have the latest Fuze firmware update that enables folder navigation, the Fuze ignores file/folder names and only cares about ID3 tags. You can use a program like MP3Tag to fill in the missing information.

How does the MP3Tag works, I’m also having problems renaming the songs on my sansa fuze.


Mp3tag lets you rewrite the ID3 tags, the electronic labels in the files where the Fuze finds Album, Artist, Title, etc.

Download it and let it add itself to context menus (option while opening)

Open it and set Tools/Options/Tags/Mpegs to Write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1

Right-click on the folder that holds and album, choose mp3tag from the list to open it, and you’ll see all the songs.

Mp3tag has a feature called Convert. If your filenames are consistent–like 01-SongTitle1–it can convert Filename to Tag.

Just put <Track>-<Title>  (see the dash, like the example?) to have it make ID3 tags as a batch. You can also highlight all the tags and fill in Artist or Album in the fields on the left, and Save them under File. Mp3tag is pretty easy to use.

Song filenames or tags can’t be directly changed on the player when the player is connected in MTP mode. If you connect in MTP mode, then make the changes in the copy stored on the pc, delete the copy on the player, then copy the file to the player.

Using MSC mode when editing tags directly on the player I had some issues, so I don’t advise making changes on the files on the player directly,