can the fuze show music file names?

When my music files are on my computer they are all clearly named how I want them, however, when they are transferred to my fize, some of them show a different name (e.g. “line in track 02”)

So, is there any way to get the sansa fuze to show me the file names rather than anything else? That would solve my problem. Or does anyone know of another way to go about solving this issue?

Thanks in advance.

The short answer? NO.

The little bit longer answer?

Although your files are stored on the Fuze in the typical folder/file hierarchy, all Sansas (incl. Fuze) do not read or display the file names. They get the information about the track from little text files embedded in the .mp3 file called ID3tags. You have to ‘edit’ these tags and make sure they have the correct information in them if you want the correct information to be displayed in your menu lists (Artists, etc.) and when the track is being played. A popular, free program to do this is MP3TAG.

Look around the forum. You won’t have to look very far or long to discover that this is one of the most hotly discussed, debated, talked-about, cussed over, and misunderstood topics on the entire forum!

And no . . . it can’t (or won’t) be changed. YOU have to do the changing (by either changing the tags or by changing to a different player that has folder view).

Thanks for the reply, just figured this out myself right now as well. Well, I just downloaded a simple program of the internet, and its let me change whatever I needed to, now my files are read by all music players (including the sansa fuze) using their file names rather than any strange tags or titles they have been given.

Problem solved! No more stupid random file names leaving me guessing which music file it really is, and messing up the alphabetical order.