e260 - added MP3 appear as 'unknown'

I’m having difficulty adding songs to my Sansa e260. The e260 directory appears on my computer and has several folders appearing, including ‘music’. When I drag my mp3’s from my computer to the music folder it shows the name on the computer but when I look at the list of songs on my e260 the song doesn’t appear. There are several songs listed as ‘unknown’ but if I choose one of them the player just plays another song that has a name associated with it.

What am I doing wrong.

Thank you for the help.

You have missing, bad, or wrong format ID3 tags in your music files.

Poke around, there are only about a gazillion threads/posts on this subject and what you need to do to resolve it. :wink:

Poke, poke, poke?

The “unknown” message appears because your Sansa finds and sorts your music files based upon their embedded ID3 tag information.  On the computer side, these tags are ignored, as we locate files based upon their filename only.  The MP3 standard includes embedded album art and the metadata, consisting of artist, album, genre, and song names.

WIndows Media Player has a basic tag editor, Media Monkey and other applications, allowing you to enter this data.  MP3Tag is a forum favorite, as it’s a very powerful application.  Once you have the tags entered, the e200 will find your music with ease.

Well, actually, you will too.


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