Unable to listen some MP3 Files

Hi @ all

I’ve a strange problem with my sansa e260 player. I copy the MP3 files on my Player.
Some MP3 files i can listen, the the other files are shown as"unknown". On my PC with Media Player i can listen the files without problems.
I’ve already formatet the Player, and updated the Firmware.

What can it be???

Have you tried MSC mode? See if you can connect it and drag and drop music on. Cheers.

Hi Andre

Yes, i’ve tried already the MSC mode. The same problem. But i think i have the solution. I seems to be the MP3Tag that causes the problem. I’ll try to convert the MP3Tag form id3v1 to id3v2 with the program “Mp3tag”.

OK, good, yeh, check out media monkey, that does tags as well.
You might want to play around with the that program… it fixes more problem then it causes.