Various Albums get listed in a file called "Unknown" why ??

I upload to the sansa clip zip various albums, and the best it can do for a pecentage of the albums is file them all inside the one new allocated file name of “Unknown”. I’m not sure why, it seems to erase the original album title and artist they were entered as and re allocate just the songs within the Unkown folder, which i never created in the first place. Doesn’t do it for all albums entered just some for whatever reason, any light on the subject would be appreciated. thanks, trev.

The Sansa navigates through your music based upon the information that’s embedded into each music file, in the form of  ID3 tags.  This is the Album, Artist, Song, Genre information. If this information is missing, or of the wrong format, the player puts them into the “unknown” category.

I run into this problem on occasion when testing a file, if I simply “plop” the file to the devioe without first looking at the ID3 tags.

All you need to fix this is to use an ID3 tag editor to enter the missing information, and your player will then be able to find your music based upon whichever catergory you’d like to search with.

I like MP3Tag, available free online. Windows Media has a tag editor, though it’s a little quirky, an Windows 7 has the simplest, available right at the bottom of the screen if you mouse over any of the displayed categories. WiMP writes the ID3 tag in the correct format,  ID3 v.2.3 ISO8859-1 (latin-I). MP3Tag can write in several formats, and can also convert other ones to this format for you.

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The Clip, like most players nowadays, uses the files’ ID3 tags–data embedded into the files, which identifies a track’s artist, track name, album name, year, and genre, for example–to display information on the screen and to select music to play by. Are the ID3 tags for your files filled in, and correctly? A tag editor, such as well-regarded Internet freeware MP3Tag, can be used to add and edit the ID3 tags. And note that the tags are not the same thing as a file’s file name and the name of the folder it is located under.