No folders in Sansa Clip?

I just got this Sansa Clip and I really like it. However, I was using a Creative MuVo before, and I could organize my mp3 files into folders. I can’t do that with the Sansa Clip? Do I have to use playlists to sort out my audio? I’ve never fooled with playlists before and it’s a bit confusing. I like to just drag and drop my files. Maybe someone can point me out to a tutorial on how to sort out my stuff with playlists.

Other than that I’m in love with this little player.

If you dont mind using WMP11,  you can create playlists and sync them to the clip.  There are other threads here dealing with the playlist issue for MSC mode as well.

There’s no problem with drag-and-drop song copy to the player, but the player only presents the songs in its menus using playlists and song tag info … artist, album, genre etc.  It doesn’t display songs as stored in the memory’s folder hierarchy.

I’m sure that there are music managers or other tools out there that will create playlists based on folders.  I know I’ve heard of such a thing, but don’t know any particular tool off the top of my head, sorry.

I kind of figured it out in WMP 11, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

I liked my Creative MuVo, to be able to just drag and drop. I really love some of the features of the Sansa Clip, just not the fact that I can’t organize my stuff the way I want into folders. This method of organizing is more complicated, messy, and not intuitive.

I can see why playlists might appeal to some, you can have one song on as many playlists as you want. But that’s not how I roll :wink:

My guess is that the average person finds having their music sorted by Artist, Album, Genre etc. on their player to be more intuitive than having it sorted by folders.  It certainly hasn’t hurt Apple’s sales of the iPod, at all.  :wink:

Yeah I hate that too and I really hate using music management programs.  I sort of have a fix( its not pretty, but it helps) I have regular albums and a folder with random music so what I do is that I use a music tag editor like Mp3Tag and change the tag I don’t use much like “genres” for the random songs and rename them some thing starting with A(so its the first thing you find).  You don’t need to rename your regular albums unless you want to.

Of course I don’t change the tags of my original music files on my PC I just make copies so if I make a mistake renaming them I can just erase everything.

I hope the release an update with file/folder browsing, but till then I’ll just do this.

Good Luck!