Adding music folders to available playlists

Help!  I’ve spent the last hour trying to figure out how to create a music folder for a specific batch of songs that I have.  When I use my player I want to be able to open that specific folder and play just those songs.  I cannot find a way to create music folders. Whenever I load songs onto the  player now all it does is create a long long list of songs in no particular order.  Is there any way possible to organize into folders???

Do you have a Clip+ or Clip?  If a Clip+, if you go to the bottom of the Music listing, you should have a Folders category that will let you navigate on your player by folders just like on your computer, and play a folder.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist for the original Clip.

And then, of course, you can just create a playlist for the tunes you want and play that playlist. 

On either model, if your music has valid ID tags, the clip will organize using those, the Album field acting like a folder. I don’t have the Clip+ yet, it’s on order, so I haven’t had a chance to play with the folder option to see how titles display when ID tags are present.

You can always make your own ID tags using something like mp3tag. You can quickly assign values to all the files in a folder. Even if you use playlists (winamp works well for this if you don’t like windows media player), it’s nice to have albums. Without albums it would take me a day or so scroll through all the songs to find a particular one!

I’ve been away from this group for a long while, being happy with my 8gb clip, but it decided to get very difficult to charge although it would eventually do so after being left plugged into the computer for hous. But now it has quit, so I’m opting for a 4gb clip+. Didn’t see much reason to spend more for the latest zip.