Music in folders

Can you create folders to play the songs separately on my sansa clip two gigs?

Thank you

Could you tell us some more about what you’re trying to do?

Not sure if this is related to your question, but the Clip doesn’t display folders in its Music menu, only song tags.

The Clip organizes and plays by ID3 tags, not by folders.  And so while you can add a folder to the Clip for your own organization, the Clip won’t play by that organization–it will display what to play based on the files’ ID3 tags. 

Folder view and play is a feature often requested–SanDisk brought it out for the Fuze and said that it is looking into this for the Clip.  Who knows if it is possible and will come out.

There is a workaround:  a software developer, eliasf, posted here an application that creates a playlist for each of your Clip’s folders.  And so you would move your music folders to the Clip and then run the software while the Clip is connected to your computer.  And then you could choose the created playlists on your Clip to play, just as if you were choosing a folder to play.  (There also is a simpler form of the software posted at the site, in the Clip forum as well, under the top stickies section.) 

Also, for folders and files in the Podcasts and Audiobooks folders, if the ID3 tags are not filled in, the Clip will default to the folder and file names–another possible workaround. 

Firstly very grateful for your answering.Excuse me for my english.I am from Spain…jaja.

It would be very interesting if we could use folders our clip.

Is there a simple solution and alternative?

How do I tag?


The solutions/alternatives:  as listed above.

ID3 tag info:  An ID3 tag editor (freeware):  You also can try a search here (box at upper left) on “ID3”–there are many posts on the topic.

And your English is very good!

Very good the MP3tag!!!I do,nt need folders.And thanks to you.

See you soon from Spain

I lived in Spain for a bit (Sevilla) and found people to be friendly and extraordinarily generous.  I’m just giving back.   :wink: