Can Clip folders besides MUSIC be used for mp3 songs?

A friend of mine is trying to use her childs Clip to put a few songs on without having those songs played when the child plays his own songs.   I was thinking that it might be possible to put mp3 files into the Podcast folder (or maybe some other folder) to let her do this.   I tried putting some mp3 files into my Podcast folder and the songs would play but I couldn’t skip songs the way I could when I played songs from the Music folder.  

Is there some way to use another folder on the Clip as a secondary music folder?


I think the only way to do what your friend wants to do is create 2 playlists; one for the child and one for the mom. Then just ignore the “Play All”. Regardless of whether you create different folders to put different music in, the Sansa will play the music it finds located in ALL folders.

probably easiest is to Tag the kid’s files with a custom genre in ID3v2.  Example:  Buffett was tagged as “Rock”, Bob Marley was tagged as “Reggae”.  I added a tag to both called “Island” and now I can get an island mix without making a custom playlist.  (I’m not a fan of playlists.)