Sansa 8 gig clip

Can’t I use a standard Windows directory tree with directories and subdirectories on the sansa clip? I have all my CDs in directories named the same as the CD and the tracks in them mostly unamed as Mp3 and Wma files. Also they are in Directories named Rock, Blues, Etc.  I tried moving them all to the clip in Windows Explorer, and 95% of it was and unplayable and the rest of it was renamed.

You should be able to copy your files and folders over to your Clip (as long as not DRM protected, and you don’t have a license).  But for play and display purposes, the Clip uses the files’ ID3 tags, not the folder/file names (with more recent firmware, the Clip will use file/folder names for files dropped into the Podcasts and Audiobooks folders).  Are your files ID3 tagged?

Many people have requested that the Clip also have an option to operate by folders and filenames, rather than ID3 tags; SanDisk said awhile back that it is looking into that (it might not be possible, though, due to the Clip’s memory limitations).

That’s really disappointing-I like it but I’ll have to return it-Thanks for the information

Ronnie, MP3Tag (freeware) provides some built-in macros for convering filenames to tags.  If you otherwise like the Clip you may be able to clean up your tags quickly with this.

Also, perhaps of help for what you want: 

Eliasf, a board contributor, has nicely developed a software program that automatically creates playlists for the folders on your Clip. Here’s a link to it.  It may be what you need without having to mess, more, with ID3 tags.

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The above link appears to be in error.

What I did in the meantime for this clustering problem is put some folders into the podcast section as a way of seperating them. May have also tried audiobooks, but I don’t think that worked.

Some folders of songs don’t behave well in podcast, but others do. It turned out one genre fit nicely there, then I can grab the others in play-all or (for a few) the standard genre section of regular music. 

I have simply saved the desired named files to different playlists (created via Winamp) to perform much the same function as folders, with separate playlists for “Blues”, “Jazz”, “Baroque”, “Beethoven Piano”, “Beethoven Symphonies”, etc…

No problem… :smiley: 

Above link to eliasf’s playlist program fixed.

Ronnie. Its a great player. Whos cares if it doesnt except folders. There are other and better ways to get playlists on the sansa clip. It just takes a little time to get used to it.