Syncing the Sansa Clip with Winamp

I can do this easily enough but there is no Advanced tab to allow me to store the music the way I want on my clip. I don’t like the Artist/Album/number - title.mp3 notation.

I want Album/Artist - Title.mp3

and I use the playlist name as the album.

It is annoying the way you do it as it creates loads of unwanted directories and when I want to delete the playlist it doesn’t delete the directories with it.

The clip uses tag fields to organize titles. You can view/edit using a free utility such as mp3tag although I’m not completely clear on what it is you want.

I use mp3tag on my computer but even that doesn’t clean-up unwanted sub-directories.

What I want to be able to do is the following:

I want to be able to store the files in my own structure that I always use.

Each mp3 file I add uses the playlist name as the album. I want a sub-directory per playlist, not per artist.

Under each playlist I want all the files in that directory, which should be formatted as Artist - Title.mp3

That is the way I like to store my music and have done since the days of mp3s. That is because I buy lots of singles. My album collection is different.

Doing it my way makes cleaning up old playlists a lot easier as I just have to delete one directory with all the files under it.

Now you’re talking two different topics. You can store music on the clip using directories and subdirectories under the clip music folder and add/delete using windows explorer while the clip is connected to your computer. However, the clip will not display that structure in play mode, it will parse into albums, genre, artist etc using the stored tag fields. If the album tag field is blank, the clip will create a folder called unknown’. 

I make the album field same name as the folder name which makes life a little easier.