How to change file name

I am trying to make a special file, and want the songs to appear in a certain order.  So I am trying to chang the names of the songs so they appear in the order that I want them to.  It is not working.  What can I do?  Thanks!

I want to listen to my files in a specific order, too.  In Windows Media Player I create a playlist that has the files in the proper order.  Then I sync *just the playlist* to the device (that automatically pulls the files over, too).  Then I use the menu button on the Sansa to play the playlist.  The files then play in the order I want.

If you want to make it appear in order you can change the name or change it by editing the ID3 tags, click the link below and try to follow the steps on how to edit Id3 tags which is the name or title of the songs so you can edit them and let them appear on your player the way you want it;

Hope this works.  :wink: