Playing Order of music

Have just transferred my Mozart symphonies through MediaMonkey to my Clip. Unfortunately now, the playing order is ruined. I now have track 01 of Symphony 01, followed by track 01 0f Symphony 2 instead of track 02 of Symphony 1. Is there a way of reversing this so that I will have the right order :for example; get files in right order then change track numbers from 001 to 100.

A Windows Explorer examination of the Clip database still shows the files in correct order.

Thanks for any input.

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You’ll have to edit the ID3 tags. Here are a few posts, suggestions, tips, tricks, etc. to get you up to speed. :wink:

Many thanks Tapeworm. Sorry for the mispelling of Playing. My 70 year fingers not as nimble as they used to be

You also need to separate by album. The clip will organize by album as stored in tag and play in track order. If you ripped the music or otherwise obtained it from a genuine source (as opposed to capturing from say youtube), the tag data for track# will be be present. I use mp3tag, some people prefer media monkey.