Play Album Songs In Order?

I like to listen to albums, front to back, in order.  With my old Sandisk MP3 player, that was the order it would play them, because I start the filename with the track number.  When it got done with one album, it would go on to the next.  With the M240, the songs seem to be played in alphabetical order by song title, not by track number or filename.

Is there any way to set up the player so that it will play songs the way I want to hear them?  Can it be set up to play by directories and filenames, rather than ID3 tags?  Can it be set up to play by track number rather than song title?

all the sansas go by ID3 tags… so make sure they are correctly filled out, including the track # tag

Can you tell me what an ID3 tag is? And where do I find/insert it?  I am transferring language lessons and, although I painstakingly numbered them chronologically, when I view the lessons which were tranferred onto my m230, they are in no order.  It gets really confusing since I am trying to learn 2 languages… Thanks.

Try this program:
It´s a nice and powerful thing.

To keep your lessons in right order choose a name for album or artist which must be always the same for one chapter.
For every lesson you got to write a number in the “Track” field starting e.g. with 1.
The next lesson is number 2 and so on.
Don´t forget to save every lesson.

Since the player is reading the tags which are added at the end of the file from that program it starts with track 1 if the name of the album is always the same.

Got it ?

Just have a try, it´s a nice and helpful program and keeps things in order.

P.S. If you are from Germany (as I am) it´s written originally in German.

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