Change Album Song Order on M250?

Hi Tapeworm!  Good to see that you’re still here.  It looks like you are the go-to guy for trailing edge Sandisk players like my trusty old M250.

My way of creating many different playlists on my old M250 is to change the “Album” tag of the  songs I want on the same playlist .

So, for my current summer playlist I’ve changed the album tag to “Summer 2015.”

So now I have a set of my favorite summer songs that I can play  by selecting that “Album” name on the M250.

But, I can’t figure out  how to change the order of the songs.  They always play in the order of the “Date Created”

I suppose I could use MP3Tag to go through the list and change the dates on each  of the songs.  But that would be quite a chore.

Is there an easier way to change the order of the songs on an “Album”  on an M250

Does the m250 support the track number tag?

That’s a good question, JK98! I’ve never heard of that tag, so I have a sneaking suspicion that the M250 probably doesn’t support it. But I’ll dig around and see if I can turn up any clues.

Just use MP3Tag and make sure the Track # field is filled in. Try it on a couple “albums” and see what happens. The m200 series is pretty ancient these days, but if you’re happy with it and it worksm why not use it.

Remember track numbers need leading zeros to work as intended, so start numbering with 01, or 001(001,002,…,009,010,011, etc.) or 01, 02…09,10, 11, etc.