e260 can't get some albums to play in track number order.

Some albums are listed in alphabetical order and some in track order.  When I look at the summary of the file on the computer they all seem to have the track number as part of the mp3 file.  Some have different bit rates but that shouldn’t have an affect on the play order.  On a thread for the m200 there is play all option once you drill down to the album.  This option is not there for the e260.  Once you get to this level all the songs are listed.  I have upgraded to the latest firmwear to see if it would fix the problem.  It does seem that albums that were ripped longer ago are the ones that will not play in track order.  Any ideas that can be done on the computer side or the player side would be appreciated.

I have found the solution to my problem.  The mp3 file have the incorrect tag structure.  There is a reference to how this should be and options on how to fixt the tags in other places in the forum.  Check out this location

cool, that should help me organize some of my files. Nice to know you were able to fix it… gives the rest of us hope.