track ordering problems

Hi, I have a Clip Jam mp3 player. I’m having one major issue i cant understand for the life of me. Been working on it for hours :frowning: I have 180 songs I labeled with Mp3 tag. I put the track name, the artist, and the track number. I numbered them 1-181. I put them on my mp3 player. When it copied to it, it showed it in the order i put them. Now when i check my player, it has 1-10 in order. 11 should be next, but it goes to 100-109, then to track 11. 110-119, then track 12. so, its like 11 is being considered as 110, 12 is being considered 120, 13 is 130, and so on, up until track 18, i guess because theres only 180 tracks. im so confused. why is it doing this. what am i doing wrong? is it in how i labeled them? Please help!

Some quick comments that should help you !!

Only use 2-digit track numbers in the ID tags. (01-99). Do not go over 99 (and do not use 1, 2, 3, etc. Only use 01, 02, 03, etc.

Your album should not be named “unknown album”. This indicates missing album data in the ID3 tag.

If you have more than 99 tracks in one album , then use related & sequential album names.

      Like: My Best, Part A.  My Best, Part B. etc.    Try to keep the album titles within 16 characters.  

Start the track numbering over at 01 with each successive album name.


What happens when you use FOLDER MODE to play these audio files ??

What happens when you create a Playlist (m3u file) with these 180 tracks sorted in order by Filename ??

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well about the unknown album, i did have them seperated by albums, but it would put the albums out of order and i would have to switch albums (like while im driving), wouldnt play all the albums in one file. thats why i just put the artist name. its a discography from 1966-2016. I just want all 181 songs to play in one list, in order. below is how it looks before i add to the player. 

ok i did something i havent done yet. on my player i have them on sd card and played them from there, and thats where it was out of order. so i went to the tab called “folder” and when i play them from there, theyre in order… weird. thanks for your help though!

Seems like you discovered FOLDER MODE.  Excellent !!

This mode ignores the information in the ID3 tags. If this works for you, saves lots of tricky problems.

Folder Mode will access the intermal memory of the player, OR, the micro SD card (but not at the same time).

Maybe consider reading up a bit on the possible future complexities with Folder Mode.   The SanDisk players will display the files in the chronological order you add them to the SD card or Player memory.