e130 play by track number

My e130 works great with one exception. When I play by album it sorts the songs alphabetically.

It did this when I first got it, but after I upgraded the firmware it played albums (books specifically) correctly.

It had been giving me trouble recognizing new songs so I downloaded the newest firmware (1.0.010 A),

I chose the format option, and I didn't have any errors during the process.

I play WMA files most often because they are smaller.

I use MS Media Player 11 to rip the files.

I'd like to go back to the firmware I was using before, any suggestions?

is the track number in the ID3 tags of the songs?

here is a how to Video on editing ID3 tags

WMP10   WMP11

Thanks for the reply.

Yes the track info is in the tag.

It played them fine before I upgraded the firmware.