song ordering bug


Recently I bought this little wonder and so far I’m quite pleased with it, but there is one bug that I’ve noticed and the latest firmware doesn’t fix it

I did notice that in some albums the ordering of the songs doesn’t follow the track number, so Ok, seems that renaming them to be “track number - title” works, it’s easy to do with two clicks in foobar2000.

But in other albums there were still some songs out of place, they were put at the end of the album. It turns out that the song is “06 - Overture 1383.mp3”, renaming it to just “06 - Overture 1383” fixed the problem, in another case, also changing from “05 - Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.4.mp3” to “05 - Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.mp3” did put the song in the right order.

So this is indeed a double request: please fix it so that if a number is somewhere in the title doesn’t screws up the order. and the second: please, use the ID3 metadata to order the albums (disc number +  track title).

Thank you, and thanks everybody for this forum, reading it has solved most of my questions easily.

Order depends on the Track tag.  Make sure it’s set properly.  The player only falls back on the Title tag if it can’t find a valid Track tag.

Also, make sure you use ID3v2.3 ISO format tags.  There are issues with v1 and unicode.  ID3v2.3 ISO tags always work.

Thanks for the reply.

As also pointed out in this thread the problem was that the version of the ID3 tags. I’ve modified the configuration of foobar2000 as explained in their FAQ about Id3 tags  and after removing & creating again the v2 tags the songs are correctly ordered (in the context menu of the album, Tagging, Mp3 tag types… and then leaving only v1, then opening it again and adding v2).