Faster Way to Make a Playlist?

I am trying out the new Sandisk Clip sport 4GB MP3 player and I noticed that it seems to be difficult to play songs in the order that I place them on the MP3 player. The only options on the menu are “Shuffle,” or to play by artist, song, etc. 

The only workaround I have found (in an online manual here: is to go to Settings while each individual song is playing and choose to place each song in a “GoList” until they are in the order I choose. There is something else in the manual about converting files to M3u via windows media player, but again this seems like a long-winded workaround to get songs to play in the order I prefer them to and/or the order they are placed on the mp3 player.

Is there an update to get songs to play in the order they are put on on the mp3 player? Or is there anything else I can do to fix this? 

Thank you. 

For full enjoyment of the Clip Sport, you could try editing the ID3 tags of your music files (best with mp3).

Most SanDisk users recommend Mp3Tag software (free-ware).

(Use ID3 v2.3, ISO-8859-1 tag format)

If you wish to listen to a collection (album) of songs in a specific order, then:

   -> Add the corresponding track number (2-digit) to the track field in the ID3 tag

   -> Add the corresponding track number (2-digit) as a prefix to the song title in the ID3 tag.

Write back to discuss your success and/ or more questions.

There are several SanDisk “guru” level users reading this forum.