Rearrange songs

I love this player (it even gets loud enough for me!) I use it at the gym & it kicks ass {I use FLAC files) but I would like to know if I can rearrange music that I have sent by pc into a playlist or am I stuck listening to that order only? It’s not a deal breaker but I would like to move some songs around because they’re all in groups by band. I’d like to mix it up a bit.

There are a few ways to change the sequence of music play with SanDisk players. You will need to add 2-digit prefixes to filenames and/or 2-digit track numbers in the ID3 tags.

The player has an internal shuffle command that is available while using a Playlist or using Folder Mode.

      While playing one audio file, press the Option Button (below the large oval button). This will enable a pop-up menu with a variety of useful playback choices.

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I would think using Shuffle mode would be the easiest method. After all, that’s what’s its there for. :wink: