keeping songs in the right order

When I transfer albums from my laptop to the Sansa the songs always get into a different order.  How can I keep the songs I transfer in the same order as I want them?

Also there is a function on the Connect that says PLAYLISTS but I have yet to figure out how to get anything loaded into it that will show up as a playlist.  Any help there would be appreciated.

thank you in advance.

The Connect displays songs based on the alphanumeric order of the songs tags … eg, Artist, Album, Song title.  My guess is that within an album, the sorting is actually done by Track number, and then Song title.

I sync my Connect using a program called MediaMonkey.  You create your playlists using MediaMonkey, then tell MediaMonkey that you want to sync those playlists to your Connect.  Other music managers such as Winamp and (ugh) Windows Media Player will probably work too.