Loading songs correctly in order

I am using windows media player to sync songs. However, everytime the songs end up in a different order. Some in albums, some in artist some in songs. How do you make got to the player in the order I have loaded it?  Also. if it has something to do with tags please explain simply.  Thank very much in advance

Possibly, bad ID3 tags.

In its playing via the database categories (Albums, Arists, Songs, Genre), the player organizes the music by ID3 tags in the individual files–data in the files that identifies the album, artist, track no., genre, etc.  The player ignores the order you put the files in (unless you are playing the files under the Clip+'s folder view).  And so, if the tag information is incorrect, the playing will be as well.

And so, even if a CD of tracks is in order in a folder on your computer, as songs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, if the track ID3 tags for the songs give the track nos. as 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, the player will play the CD tracks “out of order,” following the order in the ID3 tags.  Hence, the importance of having accurate ID3 tags. 

Info. re ID3 tags:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3

To correct the tags:  a tag editor, such as well-regarded Internet freeware MP3Tag.  http://www.mp3tag.de/en/  

It never hurts to fix the tags, but they shouldn’t matter that much to a playlist. As I understand it, a playlist is a list of songs and locations in order—first this song in this folder, then that song in that folder, etc. I don’t understand about what the OP said about sometimes song, sometimes album, etc., but the playlist—not the track numbers in this case–should determine the order IF the playlist is working correctly.

Try changing the type of playlist WMP is making–look through the settings, and if you’re using. m3u change to pla or vice versa.

Or try another music software, like Media Monkey, which also makes playlists. 

I’m not sure that the OP was inquiring about playlists . . . .

As an additional option, you can go ahead and install Rockbox. It’s what the users are using.

I had this same problem as well as a similar problem when burning a bunch of songs in MP3 format to a disc…they never played in the order i wanted.  It does have to do with the tags…typically the track number in the tag.  Download a free MP3 Tag Editor…try MP3Tag…it’s a grat little program, user friendly that lets you easlity edit tags, auto number, etc.  It’s solved my play list order problems, might work for you too.

Yes, having re-read the OP it doesn’t mention playlists.

Which is a shame.

What the OP should do is make a playlist in WMP and then sync THAT to the player. Otherwise the will plaAy in the order of track numbers it finds in the ID3 tags (and if it finds the same track number, alphabetically through the filenames with the same track number).

The OP can, if desired, copy all the tracks to be played into a new folder, rename all the Album fields as a new album in mp3tag and then put the track numbers in order, but…that’s what playlists are for.

Otherwise the Sansa doesn’t care which songs you sent over in which order. It goes by the ID3 tags. It will play Songs in alphabetical order by title, Albums by track number, Artists alphabetically album by album.