Mp3 track order

My media drive displays mp3 tracks in alphabetical order instead of by track number order. So album tracks are all in the wrong order. Surely that’s not right. All my phones / media players are able to sort tracks by track number order. Does the media drive really not have this basic functionality? Regretting my purchase :frowning:

From my experience the iPhone app does sort based off the ID3 track number but the HD (iPad version) only sorts alphabetically. I reported the issue to sandisk support and they reported to engineering. hopefully it will be fixed in a future app release.  

Thanks for that.  Yes I’ve just tried omn a friends iPod and it works properly but on the Android app it doesn’t. I reported it to support like you and got the same response.  Hwoever the last update was back iN february so how long is it likley to be before a fix?  In teh meantime the Andorid app makes the drive useless for streaming audio.  Does anyoen know of another app that might also work with the dirve?

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I’m facing the sort order issue when streaming audio to my LG G2 Android phone. I cannot believe that the user cannot choose the sort order. What a shame the device isn’t accessible by other apps. I think I’ll be returning this for a refund.

Almost 2 years later and this basic issue is still not fixed. Is this app still being developed? I’d like to think so.