Songlist Order ...

Hi all, I’m brad new to the Sansa clip and already I have a question.  I noticed that when I load up mp3 files, most noticeably podcasts, that it loads it up in decending order rather than ascending order, thus, the last episode always plays first, and the first episode plays last.  Any advice on how to fix?

For podcasts, many I listen to have the date or episode number coded into the title, like “ls_2008-12-28” so the later episodes sort later than earlier oes.

If yours aren’t and you don’t want to mess with the titles, maybe set track numbers to define the order.

For music I normally play whole albums so they play in track number order.  Otherwise you’d have to make a playlist which can specify the order regardless of how many albums or the track numbers.

The descending podcast order was done in purpose, in order to listen to the newest podcasts first. People seem to prefer an ascending order, though, so SanDisk said they will fix this in the next firmware.

You could also search the forum for some workarounds.

Great!  Thank you both for your input.  I’ll look forward to the next firmware update.

Track numbers seem to be ignored for files in the podcast folder. You could put podcasts in the audiobook folder to get track numbers to be considered.