Podcast playing order

According to the firmware changelog, it plays podcasts in the order of newer episodes first. Why is this, and is there a way to change it? Why would I want to listen first the newer episode and then the older one? Maybe you can use it like this for news, but most podcast I listen I wouldn’t understand what they are talking about if I listen to them backwards.

@turambar wrote:
Maybe you can use it like this for news

That’s exactly why they dit it. Most people however didn’t like it, so this will change in the next firmware, IIRC from some other thread.

Hey, SanDisk, how about making this an option? That’ll make everyone happy… probably :smileyvery-happy:

Great, do you have any idea when will that firmware be released? It’s pretty much unusable like this, so I’m forced to use a previous firmware that doesn’t have podcast support, and manually create a playlist

Sorry but, likely not for awhile:  new firmware just came out a few weeks ago …

I gave up using the podcasts category and put all my podcasts(read MP3 files) in the audiobook section.