Clip playing podcasts in reverse order

Hey all I just got a new clip and I upgraded firmware and all that to solve another problem with my podcasts but when I play them now from the podcast folder they play in reverse order.  I have a 4 hour podcast that is split into 4 segments when it is downloaded and I can’t get them to play in order 1-4 with anything other than renaming the genre in a tag editor.  Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum delphius.

It’s not a bug; it’s actually a feature. :wink: SanDisk decided to have podcasts play in reverse order with the latest firmware (01.01.30). They thought it would be better for news programs (getting to hear the latest news first). Most of us found it awkward though, so they decided to revert to the old behavior. We’ll just have to wait until the next firmware update.

Changing the genre to something other than “podcast” is indeed the best way to deal with this at the moment.