Order of audio files

Really like my Fuze player, but I do have one complaint.  I like to listen to downloaded radio programs.  The problem is the order in which they appear within a song grouping, such as, “Artist”.  The player lists them in the order that they were listed in WMP for snychronization.  I wish it would list them in order of the program title, no matter which order they were synchronized.  My work-around for this is to synchronize them in the order that I want them listed in the player.  Sound simple enough,  but I thought that the player should alphabetize them if there in no Track number listed or if the Track numbers were all the same.

Any thoughts on this issue?  Is this a problem for anyone else?  Is there a solution within the player setup to help with this?

Are you saying you want to go alphabetically by filename? If you update to the latest firmware there’s a new category under Music of Folders, which lets you navigate by folder and filename–alphabetically, a la Windows Explorer.

Or if you want to tweak them before you transfer them over, you could get the ever-popular mp3tag. Assuming all your radio shows are in a folder, you can right-click the folder, choose mp3tag from the options menu, and retag the files in a batch.

For your problem, you can put the files in any order you want, highlight them all and use (under Tools) the Auto-Numbering Wizard. Use the Leading Zeroes option, and it will number the tracks in the order you chose. 

Thanks for the reply.  Your suggestion to use the music folder is a good one.  While looking at the “Folder” option, I also noticed that if I go to “Songs”, they are listed alphabetically there as well. 

One other thing for Sansa, it would be good to know what the sort order is for each method of song retrieval.  My guess is that Track number is primary for most of the categories, but it would be good to know the secondary sort for Artists, Albums, Genres, etc…  My guess is that order of synchronization is a secondary for these categories.