Songs won't play....

I read that you’d need to format the player to get the songs to play… it reads 0:00, is slow, and takes longer to load up.  Will formatting the player lose all my data and songs I have on there?! I’m going to be kinda pissed if that’s the case.  Is there another way to make it work, without losing everything on there?


Need more info/details about your problem but yes, formatting will erase all user-added content which is why it’s always good to have back-ups on your computer or the CD’s to re-rip.

I’d be more concerned about what format your music is in if it’s not playing.  Standard .mp3 files or are they an iTunes format? 

Be more specific (step by step) about what’s going on & someone may be able to help you troubleshoot. 

What other info do you need?..

The radio works fine, but when I go to the downloaded music, I can see all the songs, it all LOOKS normal, but they won’t play.  The timer just sits at 0, no matter if it’s pause or play.  It won’t do anything.

I have back-ups, it’s just a pain to redownload everything, since it’s cd’s, downloaded music on windows, etc. I’m just annoyed, because I’d ike to own something that doesn’t have an issue… it’s not the first sansa that has had issues.

Thanks for your help.

Well first, what is the format of the files that don’t play? Is it a supported format?

Also, have you tried resetting the player? Do you have the original Clip or Clip+?

Give us all the details you can; it saves playing 20 questions.

It doesn’t play ANY song :(  Songs that used to play, but now won’t.  Doens’t matter if it’s a downlooaded song, or a song from a cd.  It’s the sansa clip (no plus).  Sorry… not sure what you mean by the song being formatted, or supported format… but it won’t play any song, it just sits at 0.  Also, I have tried resetting the player… several times. :frowning: Doesn’t help.  It’s still slow when it starts up (slower than usual) and the songs sit at 0, and won’t play.  It started a few days ago, I was listening to it, was just fine, turned it off to go do something, and came back about an hour later, and it froze.  When I reset it, that’s when all the issues started happening.

thanks fo the help… I appreciate it :slight_smile:


–  connect to your computer and transfer your Clip’s files to a temporary folder on your computer;

–  disconnect from your computer and format your Clip under its Settings;

–  reconnect to your computer and transfer your files back to your Clp.

Hopefully this will fix matters with only a small bit of inconvenience.