Clip+ plays and then stops

My 2 week clip+ plays a song and then stops. I turn it off then back on then it plays a few seconds and then stops again.  I updated to the new firmware, but still no luck.  

Any one know of a fix, or should I return it to walmart?

Not yet.

Will it just stay on pause or will it scroll through all the songs?

Is it happenning to all the songs or selected songs only?

What are the file format of the songs?

Where did you get the songs from and how were they transferred to the Sansa?

Does this happen with all songs? What types of songs are these? Do they play okay on your pc?


No it did not scroll through all the songs. 

It is happening to all the songs.

The file format is MP3

The songs are from various sources, Amazon MP3 store, songs from friends/family, and stuff ripped from my collections.

I used the default Linux media player on Ubuntu (Rhytimbox) to transfer the songs stored on my home server.


This does happen with all songs, and yes they play fine on my PC, both Linux (Ubuntu), and Windows XP

I just formated the Sansa, and is now using Media Monkey on Windows XP, and so far so good, but this happened before where it work fine for a few minutes, So I will be back in about an hour with an update.

Are you sure you tags aren’t messed up or in wrong formats for the Clip+?

Since you have both Windows and Linux at your disposal, you would be much better off just using Windows with the player. adding Linux to the mix just complicates things. I assume your player is set a MSC for the usb mode?

I have the exact same problem on one I bought this past weekend.  It’s v 01.02.15A.  All songs are .mp3 format loaded via Windows Explorer (Windows 7).  All songs play normally in other .mp3 players,  in my Subaru on CD, Windows Media Player and Winamp.  I’ve not set up any playlists or rated any of my songs.

It’s frustrating to say the least.

So after a format, and reload the songs from my Windows XP machine with Media Monkey all seams to be working fine for my, Like I said before I transfers the songs the first couple of times on Linux Ubuntu, I guess that was my issue?!?