Error copying files

Hi all, my daughter got a Sansa Clip on Xmas Eve. Tried to copy music files (mp3) to the disk. However I got an error message, “cannot copy (“file”) - The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected”. Says “Connected” in the display, and I am able to locate the Sandisk on My Computer (XP).

What could be the problem?

On another board (see link below) I read that they formatted the drive and everything works. Should that be necessary?


Bengt Stenstrom, Sweden

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Formatting the player is a good idea, however it will delete whatever files are stored on the player. Use the player’s menu to format it. Do you reboot your pc often enough? Some people leave their pc on all the time, and if you don’t reboot it often enough, Windows can start misbehaving. I usually reboot my pc at least once a day. Did you charge player for a long enough time before you started transferring files to it? If you disconnect the player then reconnect it, does the player show it is charging? If so, let it charge for a long while before trying to add files to it.

Hi, And thanks for the reply.

I reboot the pc every day.

However I will try and charge the Sansa Clip a little longer and see if it helps.

About formatting, yes, it will delete all files, including (I suppose) the FM Player! And I guess I cannot re-install the FM Player once the Sansa Clip is formatted (?).

I had the same problem with a USB memory stick, and a friend of mine had the same problem with a mobile (cell) phone…



Don’t worry about the radio; it won’t get erased.

The only way you might lose the radio is by installing a “no-radio” firmware and even then you can still get it back with the correct firmware.

Well, that sounds great. I’ll try and do just that. Thanx!  :slight_smile:

I formatted the Sansa Clip, but XP just formats to “Generic Hierarchical” system. There are no “fat32” (etc) options. How do you format to fat32?

And once formatted, how do you play the music files (since the original files are all gone)??


It is best to format the player via the player menu. If you can’t, then you can connect in MSC mode(push the power button down to locked, then hold the center button while connecting the player). Use the command prompt

   Format  [driveletter]:  /FS:FAT32  /A:32K

“And once formatted, how do you play the music files (since the original files are all gone)??”

You copy them again from your pc. You should have copies of the files on your pc, and also backup copies on DVD disks. If you don’t have backup copies of the mp3 or wma files, then use the original music CDs to make

new ones.

Actually, I meant the player is gone once you formatted the player. (or not?) So how do you play the music files without a player?